Multinational Defense can supply ammunition from calibers 14.5x114mm up to and including 30mm. All items offered are produced in accordance with each country's Ministry of Defense and Military Bureau specifications, employing Quality Management Systems consistent with ISO 9001:2008. Each ammunition lot delivered to our customer is inspected and tested by the manufacturer, then inspected by Multinational Defense, ensuring full compliance to Design Bureau requirements. Customer's are encouraged to visit our supplier factories during production and inspection to ensure complete customer satisfaction. The following is a complete listing of our Medium Caliber offerings:

14.5x114mm Ball 30mm VOG‐17 HE Frag 30x165mm HEI‐T GSH‐30K Gun System 30x165mm TP 2A42 Gun System
14.5x114mm Tracer 30x165mm AP 2A42 Gun System 30x165mm HE GSH‐30K Gun System 30x165mm TP GSH‐30K Gun System
23x115mm API 30x165mm AP GSH‐30K Gun System 30x165mm HEI 2A42 Gun System 30x165mm TP‐T 2A42 Gun System
23x115mm HE 30x165mm AP‐T 2A42 Gun System 30x165mm HEI GSH‐30K Gun System 30x165mm TP‐T GSH‐30K Gun System
23x115mm TP 30x165mm AP‐T GSH‐30K Gun System 30x165mm HEI‐T 2A42 Gun System
30mm Practice 30x165mm HE 2A42 Gun System 30x165mm HE‐T 2A42 Gun System