Multinational Defense has the skill sets required to supply our customers with military ammunition including Small Calibers from 5.45x39 to 12.7x108mm, Medium Calibers from 14.5mm up to 40mm, and Large Caliber from 40mm Rocket Propelled Grenades up to 152mm Artillery Ammunition. The Multinational Defense Management Team has more than 30 years of ammunition production and testing experience and we utilize this experience to manage all facets of our supply chain. Sale and transfer of any of these military articles is only completed in strict accordance with all United States Department of State Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) approval as well as approval from the manufacturers Governmental laws and regulations.

Customers can receive ammunition from new production as well as surplus stocks where available. All ammunition offered will undergo thorough test and analysis prior to shipment using specifications consistent with United States Government General Specifications for Non-Standard Ammunition.

For delivery to the United States, Multinational Defense works closely with the supplier and the customer to ensure that all material has an established Hazard Classification. For material without the necessary classifications, our team works closely with the ammunition manufacturer and Department of Transportation to conduct the required Hazard Analysis and Classification when required.

We encourage our customers to join our team at our suppliers production factory to ensure that all desired requirements are produced and inspected to their satisfaction. The collective knowledge of Multinational Defense combined with that of our customer and our supplier is what provides our soldiers an overwhelming edge over enemy forces.