Multinational Defense is a supplier of Eastern Bloc surplus military vehicles and weapons platforms to include main battle tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS), anti-aircraft systems and recovery vehicles. Multinational Defense works with qualified overhaul facilities throughout Eastern Europe to support selection of the best condition stocks available. Once selected, each platform is serviced or overhauled in accordance with Mil-Bureau standards to ensure highest levels of quality and serviceability. Each of our overhaul facilities is equipped with the necessary tooling, knowledge, and access to quality spare parts to restore each platform to specific customer requirements to include modernization if required.


Main Battle Tanks T55, T72, and T72M
Tracked Infantry Fighting Vehicles BMP-1/BMP 1K
Armored Personnel Carriers BTR 60 and 70
Missile Launchers BM-21 Grad, RM-70
BREM 1 Recovery Vehicle

All platforms are overhauled in accordance Customer requirements and in strict compliance with MIL-Bureau specifications. Multinational Defense works closely with our supply chain to select the best possible stocks with the highest amount of remaining life to ensure that the overhaul process when combined with the selected high quality stocks results in the highest levels of reliability for our customers.

We encourage our Customers to become part of our supply chain plan so that their needs and expectations can be discussed with our overhaul factories, eliminating the risk of failed communication.

Progress of all programs are communicated through the use of Integrated Product Teams (IPT’s) that can include the Customer, supplier, and Multinational Defense Personnel. This method ensures the lowest risk to delivery and highest levels of customer satisfaction.